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Already as a child I was fascinated by the effects of changing weather conditions on the landscape's colours and moods. Then, I became more and more interested in how artists, particularly the 17th century Dutch, then Constable in England, Corot and the Barbizon and Impressionist schools in19th century France had interpreted these. My interest continued to develop but it was only many years later that I myself started to paint.

Probably because I am self-taught, for me nothing can replace the thrill of setting up my easel and striving to capture the landscape's features on canvas. Each time the adventure is a unique choice of subject, time of day and technique. Will the finished picture communicate the original idea ? Its impossible to know in advance. That's what is so intriguing. Yes, painting is a challenge but at the same time - what a pleasure. And it never ends!

Ian Macpherson
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